“With a love of the ocean comes a responsibility to protect it. Climate change is the biggest threat to our beaches, reefs and points. It’s high time we safeguard it for the groms.”


    “As surfers, our way of life is entwined with the elements and the natural world. Climate change is throwing us out of balance. Now is the time to surf towards solutions.”


    Belinda Baggs is best known for her graceful longboard style. A lifelong waterwoman, surfing and bodysurfing have connected her to the sea with a strong passion for environmental protection and preservation of all living things. In her role as Global Sports Activist with Patagonia, Belinda was a key campaigner in the successful Fight for the Bight campaign. Belinda is also an Ambassador for Take 3 for the Sea. As a mother, she is committed to safeguarding the future for the next generation.


    Johnny Abegg is a former aspiring Pro Surfer, residing in Byron Bay, Australia on Arakwal land, with his wife Elizabeth and three kids. With an extensive career as a freelance filmmaker/ videographer/ photographer for the past 15 years, 2019 saw a shift in direction for Abegg, after a climate change summit on Heron Island. The event highlighted the impacts climate change is having on the Great Barrier Reef, and the world. This was the catalyst for “Surfers for Climate”, co-founded with Belinda Baggs.


    Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan is a 14 year member of the elite World Surfing League professional Tour. Adrian has served as the Surfer’s Representative and a director on the WSL Board. He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Surfing Australia. A published children’s author (Macka’s Barrel into the Dreamtime) and World Surf League PURE and Take 3 for the Sea Ambassador, Ace was recently awarded The WSL PURE Award for Outstanding Ocean Advocacy. He has spoken out on issues like the Fight for the Bight, PEP 11 and the deforestation of Tasmania’s remote Tarkine.


    Lara Went is a mother, Worimi Woman, Contemporary Aborignal Artist, Owner and founder of Yukul Art. Lara has always been connected to the sea from a very young age, traveling the coast with her family, surfing and living a simple lifestyle. Lara is very passionate about her culture and draws inspiration for her art from her homeland. Lara shares her knowledge of caring for Country through her art and regularly visits the local community to educate all generations. All of Lara's art pieces are created to share knowledge and are gentle reminders that Mother Nature is fragile and we must care for her as she cares so well for us.


    Andrew Leece has grown up exploring land and sea. Whether surfing, skiing or climbing mountains his drive to acquire knowledge and experiences in the natural world has led him to explore across several continents. Andrew began his work life with 8 years at Macquarie Bank before diving into entrepreneurship. He has established several finance and technology ventures that have seen him reside in Berlin and Los Angeles. In addition to the early stage growth experience, living abroad has also informed a deeper understanding for differing cultural and political views toward climate change, environment and social issues.


    Sam Suendermann is passionate about the power of surfing to bring people together. Sam has worked with surf programs for young asylum seekers, and conducted research with the Surf Coast Shire Council exploring the social value of surfing, helping produce an all-female cast surf film titled ‘Delama Warri’. Sam has lived and worked in Vanuatu, experiencing firsthand the devastating impacts of climate change. She co-founded Solwota Sista with young Ni-Vanuatu women, a platform empowering a female-led movement to take action on social and environmental issues. Sam balances her time between Vanuatu and Australia, where she works closely with her local community on climate initiatives.


    Holly Rankin (aka musician Jack River) grew up ocean loving and mal riding on the mid north coast on Worimi country. Now she is an ARIA nominated writer and performer, law student and activist living on Yuin Country. Holly works with key leaders in climate, politics, media and business to build toward the elusive goal of engaging youth in the discussions and decisions that will define our generation. Whenever she’s not touring you will find her looking for tiny waves along the NSW south coast. She’s a self classified eternal kook.


    Jarrah Lynch is a surfer, shaper, photographer & environmentalist. Growing up in the coastal forests and powerful seascapes of the Otways helped develop a strong connection to the natural world, surfing and shaping his own boards, learning from his father Wayne what it really means to be a surfer; your connection to country and to protect the places you love. Using his photography, Jarrah has worked to support Bob Brown Foundation’s Save The Tarkine, Stop PEP 11, School Strike for Climate, Fight for the Bight, The Australian Marine Conservation Society and Patagonia International. 


    Dan Fitzgerald is obsessed with implementing regenerative solutions that exponentially improve planetary and human health. Dan is the founder and Managing Partner of ReGen Ventures. ReGen is a global venture capital fund that invests in transformational companies created by visionary entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a better future. Dan has been an active investor for over 15 years and has invested in the areas of renewable energy infrastructure, climate-friendly buildings, regenerative food systems, sustainable finance, circular economy and ocean health. Dan is an active Board Member and Strategic Advisor to public and private companies around the world. 

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