Our new podcast ‘Surfer VS Planet’ will be arriving soon, which builds on our previous podcast series. We’ve already interviewed a bunch of awesome guests!

    This series explores all things surfing, sustainability and innovation. In addition to surf-related themes, we occasionally step outside of the surfing world to learn about critical developments that could (and probably should) apply to the surf industry.

  • BLOG

    Wavechanger will continue to focus on our core areas - which are product innovation, materials science and analysing consumer behaviours. Blog articles on these topics will soon be boosted with more regular content. Ideas from the innovative space where surfing and sustainability meet. Featuring designers, experts and original thinkers. Watch this space!


    Future plans involve more in-depth, collaborative research projects, industry reports, and exciting events.

    Also, we aim to collaborate on research and development of surf hardware with the Wavechanger community using open innovation and collaboration models. Each year we want to choose a product and redesign it for sustainability and impact with our Wavechanger community.

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